Author: JamesCoombs

SketchBook 001

Getting a feel for using maquines in pre-sketch stages of character design. This workflow started out with a image export, followed by passing the result through a figure sketch LORA to create the starting base. From there I moved through the sketching and inking process as can be seen above before experimenting wtih three different filling methods — the clip studo auto fill, which produced a nice base layer for further work, an experimental wet wash, which I think could produce wonderful results in certain contexts, such as satin clothes and waters, and finally a manga toned fill, which

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A.I Art Experiments 001

This article was originally posted on The A.I has a mind of its own! This is one of the largest barriers facing artists who want to use generative A.I in their actual workflows. It’s all very well to type prompts into Stable Diffusion or MidJourney and get amazingly beautiful images spat out at us, but if that image doesn’t represent a true realization of what we’re seeing in our mind’s eye, and, more importantly, what we want to communicate to our audiences, then it’s all so much piss in the wind. The main problem is that generative A.I has

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